Dezign Matterz

Dezign Matterz Hilarious. This rainy Saturday while waiting to wake up, I stopped by FB to see what was happening. Two of my friends favourited (liked?) severals photos in Mia Pallas’ album, and the one that struck me as wickedly funny was titled: Just when you thought your Life Sucked… To see if your life is suckie lately too, check it out. Anyway… While I was at Mia’s FB page, I checked out her bits. Not too shabby. And there was enough going on to get me off my butt to write a rare post on DWB. Web: Dezign Matterz Tumblr: Miazoe Youtube: VEGAGIRL5 Facebook: Mia.pallas Welcome to DezignMatterz, where Design Matters a great deal. The overall focus of this site is to feature & bring you all things pertaining to Web & Design. You are invited to tune in for the latest Inspiration & Design news and articles on … Continue reading

Four Ways Mind Maps Make You More Creative

Mind maps are a powerful tool to get yourself unstuck, focused and organized to do your best creative work. Tony Buzan is the person best known for coining the term mind map and helping to educate the world at large about the concept. Mind maps are a form of visual mapping, where you use a combination of words, lines, symbols and images to describe something tangible (like a product, a location or something that you can see and experience) or intangible (services, concepts, ideas and plans). How does a piece of paper (or a computer screen) crammed with words, pictures and odd looking symbols help you think and work better?Let’s be honest: some mind maps are so busy and detailed that they tend to frighten most people instead of inspiring them. That’s a fair question. To address this concern, let’s look at four major benefits of using mind maps to … Continue reading

Findings from the Web Design Survey, 2009

The findings are in from the survey for people who make websites. Once again, we have crunched the data this way and that, figured out what the numbers were telling us, and assembled the sliced and diced data-bytes into nifty charts and graphs for your edification and pleasure. As in years past, what emerges is the first true picture of the profession of web design as it is practiced by men and women of all ages, across all continents, in corporations, agencies, non-profits, and freelance configurations. Bookmark It Hide Sites