Using PowerPoint Themes for Making Presentation for Customers

When you are advertising your goods or services, you aim to attract customer’s attention. Since presentation is mostly a visual form of information, people will pay much attention to the way the presentation looks. Even if you have put a great explanatory information into your presentation, poorly made designed of your presentation can affect impression on your presentation negatively. This is why you should care much so that your presentation has nice design and contains appropriate visual objects. If you are going to make your presentation to introduce customers with your goods and services, you should consider several things. First of all, presentation should contain explanatory and coherent information. Customers should be able to follow the development of your idea with ease. In order to grip attention of your customer and make them wanting keep follow your presentation, you need a nice background. Surely, if you are talking about some … Continue reading

Using Creative PPT Templates for Making Awesome Presentation

PowerPoint presentation helps us to demonstrate the information in the best form. Upon the way the presentation is designed depends how interesting it will be for the users to view it. Some presentations ought to be made in a pretty formal and standard way, for instance, resume. But if you make presentation about your personal life or about some business fields that require being creative, you had better use some gripping and creative PPT templates. Creativity in presentation is not only about using bright and colorful themes and graphics, but it is also about placing the information in unconventional form. This is why using creatively made PowerPoint templates may serve you a great help. If you are creative minded, you can make something interesting and gripping in the end. However, you might also need to get some help to make up something exciting. In this case, you can go on … Continue reading

Conversation is the New Attention

Baby’s got backchannel! If everybody at the conference is staring at their Twitter stream instead of at the person who’s doing the speaking, maybe the speaker should meet them halfway. Migrating speaker presentations to the backchannel can empower the audience while enabling the speaker to listen carefully to their responses. The broadcast model of presentations is dead! Long live the conversation model. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Orbital Content

Bookmarklet apps like Instapaper and Readability point to a future where content is no longer stuck in websites, but floats in orbit around users. And we’re halfway there. Content shifting lets a user take content from one context (e.g. your website) to another (e.g. Instapaper). Before content can be shifted, it must be correctly identified, uprooted from its source, and tied to a user. But content shifting, as powerful as it is, is only the beginning. Discover what’s possible when content is liberated. Bookmark It Hide Sites

Good Design Resources

ARCHITECTURE/INTERIOR DESIGN Arch Daily – continuous online source of the latest architectural news. Architizer –  an open global community by architects for architects; network, view/post jobs & projects,  get news, and enter competitions. The Contemporist – daily source (and they do mean daily) for architects and interior designers to discover new products and projects in the world of contemporary design. Cool Boom: Architecture – interesting featurettes composed by blogger Sylvia in Valencia. Cool Boom: Interior Design -interesting featurettes composed by blogger Sylvia in Valencia. Freshome – created by Micle Mihai-Cristian for your architectural & interior design inspiration. Google Sketchup – Free easy to use 3d Modeling Software. Trendir – ultra modern decor. Designer Lillian Pikus keeps track of modern trends and new products which she features on the site. GRAPHIC/WEB DESIGN Blogs/Online Magazines Abduzeedo – created by designer Fabio Sasso, this blog has grown into a prime resource for instruction and … Continue reading