How using articles can help you obtain a better search engine positions for your web pages

Exactly what benefit does writing articles have on your websites search engine rank?

The answer to that question is simple. Whenever you write articles, not only can you publish them and submit them to high traffic article
directories, you can also use them to build a content rich website, which the search engines absolutely love.

When you think about it from a business prospective it is a win/win situation. By utilizing your newly written article in both ways it will provide you with a great many benefits in return.

When it comes to obtaining a good search engine position for your webpages the more keyword focused content your site has the better, because it will increase the number of times the search engine spiders will visit the site and index your webpages.

The process is fairly simple. Every time you write a new article, create a new webpage for that article and add it to your website. Be sure to use highly targeted keywords, phrases, Meta tags and optimize the article page so that it is search engine friendly. Not long after you add your new webpage to your website the search engine spiders will crawl through it and index it according to their specific criteria.

You will also want to be sure that you add the newly created article page to your website’s navigation, your sitemap page and that you include a link to your site map on your main index page of your website as well as on the article page itself. It is a good idea to keep your articles in directories close to the root of your website, so that the search engine spiders can find your new pages easily.

Another important thing to remember is that the keyword density on your article page is one of the main elements that search engines like Google and Yahoo use when analyzing and ranking your webpages. You should always do your best to present relevant and insightful information that will appeal to your site visitors as well as to the search engines.

While some webmasters are tempted into over using keywords and phrases (keyword stuffing) to obtain a high ranking position in the search engines results it is best to avoid doing that on your own website because you may get a good position, but most of your visitors will leave your site as quickly as they found it.

While creating a new webpage for every article may seem like a time consuming task, once you get the hang of doing it, it will become a simple part of your article marketing process that will help you achieve the best possible results from every article that you write.

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