Boosting Your Online Sales With Digital Downloads

You have a website with an online store, and you’re selling shippable products to customers. Or, you’re thinking of starting such an online business. Whether you have a site or are starting one, making sales will be on your mind. One way to increase revenue is to offer your customers digital downloads.

What files should you sell? The most obvious candidates are e-books. If a customer is interested in a product you sell, that same customer may very well be interested in an e-book that discusses that product. You have two routes to take to obtain e-books: buy them or write them yourself.

There are thousands of pre-written e-books on hundreds of topics, including crafts and hobbies, beauty and fashion, entertainment, health and fitness, pets, and religion and spirituality. Search for existing e-books that are related to products you sell. You can also choose to write your own e-book. You don’t have to be a professional author to write your own e-book. If you have a passion for the products you sell, then you probably possess an in-depth knowledge of the subject of your products. Consider typing up a “How To” guide, saving it as a PDF file, and selling it from your website.

Regardless of what digital downloads you decide to sell, you’ll need a means of allowing customers to purchase and download those files. If you haven’t yet created your online business, or are thinking of expanding an existing business, consider hosting your site with MadBeeTech at For just a few dollars per month MadBeeTech provides with your own .com website that includes a site builder, shopping cart, and a fully automated system for selling downloadable files.

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