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Dezign Matterz
Dezign Matterz

Hilarious. This rainy Saturday while waiting to wake up, I stopped by FB to see what was happening. Two of my friends favourited (liked?) severals photos in Mia Pallas’ album, and the one that struck me as wickedly funny was titled: Just when you thought your Life Sucked…

Dezign Matterz - Life sucks

To see if your life is suckie lately too, check it out.

Anyway… While I was at Mia’s FB page, I checked out her bits. Not too shabby. And there was enough going on to get me off my butt to write a rare post on DWB.

Web: Dezign Matterz
Tumblr: Miazoe
Youtube: VEGAGIRL5
Facebook: Mia.pallas

Welcome to DezignMatterz, where Design Matters a great deal.

The overall focus of this site is to feature & bring you all things pertaining to Web & Design.

You are invited to tune in for the latest Inspiration & Design news and articles on some of the best Web Designers inhabiting & recreating the www. As well as the latest featured articles on all of the New Up & Coming Artists who are emerging in the cyber sphere; with features on some of the most Incendiary Photographers, the Arts & Media News.

Tune in to meet the Webs Best of the Best. Lets Rock & Roll & Rock the Code!

Enjoy your stay.

Ok. A bit corny. But even I was that sweet age once…

Dezign Matterz is broken up into inspiration, photography, typography, and web design. Clicking on each link fakes you into thinking you are seeing the home page over and over again. But you are not. So while it’d be great for Mia to add code to bounce us to the real goodies, just be patient and scroll down.

If I were to bookmark posts from Dezign Matterz, I’d go with: Exploring the World of Caricature Art (inspiration), Exceptional Photo Manipulation Photography (photography), Custom Fonts Without Writing Script (typography), and Fully Customizable Contact Forms without Script! (web design).


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