How blogs can help you with your online business

Now, you might be wondering: How can blogs help me with my business?

The answer is plenty.

1. With a blog, you can easily brand yourself as an expert in your subject area and promote yourself all over the net. Blogs have taken a life of its own, and there are many blog directories springing to life.

Each blog directory is classified according to various topics of interest, and you can submit your blog to the major blog directories. You can then easily attract readers to your area of specialization, and slowly brand yourself as the expert from the many readers who visit these blog directories each day. The concept is similar to e-zine marketing.

2. Search engine will rank your web site higher if you have a blog on your site. This is because search engine “spider bots” like fresh content, and with a blog, you can just spend 5 – 10 minutes per day posting what you want to share for that day and that’s it.

Do that on a consistent basis, and the search engine spider bots will come back to your site more often. Having a blog on your own site is so simple my 9 year old cousin can do it.

3. Blogs allow you to build and foster a closer relationship with your visitors and readers, building trust and rapport. Blogs allow readers to post comments, and it promotes interaction. With good relationship with your readers it will be easier for you when it comes to recommending products and services because they trust you.

These are just some reasons how blogs can help you in your online business.

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