In A Hurry? Building links with limited time?

Building links with limited time can be a daunting task. When you’re in this situation, you will be able to gain more if you focus on getting the attention of people and sites whose credibility can rub off on to your business. Journalists, bloggers, industry experts, all these people can keep your business in the public eye. On the other hand, industry authorities such as associations can boost your site’s ranking. Following are some things you can do that will allow you to build links when you’re strapped on time.

If you have companies participating (in any way) on your site, let them know that you are showcasing them. You can do this by creating marketing collateral that highlights how they are benefited from participating on your site and send it to each and everyone of your partner companies. Make sure to include a “link to us” code in there and encourage them to link to your site by offering an incentive to do so. By the way, always ask for permission to use your partner companies’ brand names and/or logos on your site and in your advertising to keep yourself from getting involved in any trademark issues.

Find out if any of your partner companies sends newsletters to its customers. Offer link embedded content and/or offer to purchase the mailing lists of those that do and use them for your own promotional mailing.

Submit informative articles (related to your niche) to article directories such as eZine, Go Articles, and Article Alley. Submitting articles to article directories not only gets you links but it can also get you traffic if your article gets featured on a big site or E-zine.

in exchange for their expert views on whatever it is that you’re trying to get across. Once someone accepts, issue a press release to announce that person’s involvement on your site. Make sure to optimize your press release for industry keywords and (of course) the name of the journalist or blogger.

Whenever applicable, create a Flickr stream and fill it with images of your products. If you’re selling other people/companies’ products and you’re thinking of using their product images, make sure to ask for their permission first before proceeding. In connection with this, Flickr allows links to be included in the description of the images. Anybody who sees your Flickr stream and gets curious enough to visit your Flickr album will be able to see and click on your link.

Create a Facebook page for your site and encourage your partners to join in it. Update regularly through Twitter with bits of useful information.

Run keyword and brand (your brand) searches on Twitter and befriend and engage with people who have tweeted about your brand, products/services, and niche. Create special offers for them in exchange for link placement. Also, use keywords in Twitter bio.

Invest in a tool that will let you automatically tweet useful information round the clock. Occasionally, tweet to ask for link placement.

Write content for all your offers (products and/or services) and add it to a resource center on your site. Issue a press release about the feature on your site and send it out to all your media and blogger contacts. Include linking information in both your press release and in your resource center pages.

Join and participate in industry associations that correspond to what you do or sell. Create detailed, graphic-rich reports from your statistics and customer feedback and offer them to the associations you’ve joined. Tell them how they can use or link to your report(s) in their own articles, blogs, and newsletters.

Make a text, audio, and video business pitch and send them to industry journalists.

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