Keeping Yourself On Track with Link Building

As you may have already noticed, there are so many things you can do to build links on the Web, so much so that it can easily boggle the mind. The following questions should help you keep you on the right track.

  1. Are the sites that link to you in the same field/niche as you are? In other words, is your site related to the sites that are linking to it?
  2. Are the sites that link to your site also linked to by others in the same field/theme/niche?
  3. Do you have “authorities” or experts in your subject area linking to your site?
  4. Are all your site’s pages optimized for relevant keyword phrases and are they properly linked to each other?

If you answered yes to all these four questions, you’re generally out of the woods. Congratulations!

“The Halo Effect…”

This is what organic search does for you. People assume since you’re in the organic results you must be good. It’s just another perk to being there.

And what’s cool is statistics show when you’re in the organic results, you get 3 times as many clicks as paid search. Because people tend to trust organic search far more than paid.

So the key is to get lots of one way, non-reciprocal backlinks

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