Link Building Strategy

Step 1 – Build a content rich site, focusing on a specific subject.

Step 2 – Contact other sites that have the same topic/scope as yours and ask for a reciprocal link. Remember, put their link on your site first before you do this.

Step 3 – Get your site listed on the major and specialty search engines, as well as on online directories. Always choose the most appropriate category whenever you’re given the option to do so.

Do the Link Request

When making your request, make sure that you highlight what your site is all about, what it has to offer, how it relates to their site, and why they should link to it. Indicate also the exact URL of their page where you think your link will be most beneficial. Let them know that you have visited their site and have studied it well for your link’s placement.

Then, provide them the HTML code for your link. This should allow them to simply cut and paste your link into their page. Providing the HTML code will also give you some control over your link’s placement and lets you include keywords in your link text.

Be very careful in writing your request. Make sure it’s well written and that it contains all the necessary information for the recipient to carry out your request should they decide to grant it. And since you’re asking the favor (forget that it’s going to be a mutually beneficial favor once its granted), be polite and respectful in your letter.

Then… Thank Them All

Whether they grant your request or not, thank them all just the same. For those who turn down your request, ask if they’d allow you to put their link on your site, it just might make them change their minds.

For those who don’t respond to your request, send them your request again (just once more). If you still don’t receive any response from them, move on.

Get Site Listed on Search Engines

Google –

Bing –

Step 4 – Build another content-rich site (located on a different IP address) and cross-link it with the first one.

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