Running Google Analytics on your Website and Seeing Improvements – Not a Secret anymore please!

For the love of the internet and for the want of a better internet experience, lets not keep Google Analytics a secret only known to Internet Geeks and the likes.

One of many good things about installing Google Analytics on your website and looking at the results once in a while, you are able to get a fairly good idea if your site content is working or not. With analytics you are able to compare for example this month to the previous month. Visitors went up, pageviews more than doubled, average time on site improved with a couple of seconds but oh no, bounce rates also went up!

All this just from the dashboard view before you start drilling down. Suppose it’s a very encouraging tool to work with if you are seeing positive SEO results but a nervous pessimistic tool if the opposite happens.

For the average website owner having access to this type of information could only but improve the entire world wide web. Imagine website owners actually being able to learn why some pages on their website attract more visitors than other pages.

All your hard work creating a new product page but the keywords are not being targeted or you are getting visitors from the wrong country.

This post is basically a notice to all website owners, small, media and large to demand this type of view of your website or pay a professional SEO company to manage it for you, but at least know of it, what data you are able to gather about your website and how to react on the results.

For a better WWW experience spend some time and effort with Analytics, after all it’s a free service offered by Google Analytics Official Website

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