New Alice in Wonderland movie races to $116.1M opening

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton found a pile of money on the other side of the looking glass. “Alice in Wonderland,” their update on Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass,” had a mammoth opening weekend of $116.1 million. Walt Disney’s 3D version of the popular children’s story written by Lewis Caroll is expected to break the record held by Warner Bros’ 300 which opened to $71 million in the year 2007. Though the movie has got mixed reviews it is popular with girls and young women. And moreover with US schools closing for spring break next the PG ratedmovie will get more viewers. A quarter of a century and still no signs of slowing down, Johnny Depp continues to create magic at the box-office with his latest Tim Burton collaboration, Alice in Wonderland which has smashed pretty much all the records to earn the distinction … Continue reading