Handset Trends

by Ryan Smit A recent BMI-T report entitled SA Consumer Handset Model and Cellular Activities, reveals that the number of unique cellular users is expected to increase from approximately 35 million this year to just less than 42 million by 2013. Consumers are predominantly using prepaid payment mechanisms, especially amongst lower income users, and this is unlikely to change significantly in the near future. Looking at Figure 1, we can see that our forecasts for data technologies show a future where many consumers will have access to high-speed mobile data on their handsets. It is expected that in terms of consumer’s primary handsets (i.e. excluding multiple handsets) 19 million handsets will have 3G, while 12 million will have Wi-Fi and 7 million will have GPS. Figure 1 .Source: BMI-T’s SA Consumer Handset Model and Cellular Activities.  Users have indicated that their most important characteristics for choosing a handset are long … Continue reading

Must Have Wap Bookmarks

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