Web 2.0 Collaboration Tool – Huddle

Ever need to share a file, manage your calendar, or daily tasks? What about having a brainstorm with people from multiple cities or countries? Wouldn’t it be nice to see people comments, discussions, or ideas on a project you have been working on? With Huddle you can do all of this and much more! Huddle is the leading Web 2.0 collaboration tool. With Huddle you can manage projects, upload files, and share documents with anyone, anywhere. Huddle is entirely web based so there’s nothing to download or install. Simply login and start working in your Huddle. Invite as many people as you need. Don’t ‘reply all’. Use Discussion forums to brainstorm ideas. Create and edit Word and Excel documents online. Store, share and manage your files 1GB+. Assign tasks, auto reminders and iCal integration. Whiteboards or wiki, share ideas, comments, etc. Document management automated versioning, audit trails and approval workflows. … Continue reading