What will a good Memory do for you!

Nobody has a bad memory – only an untrained one.

Here are some tips to help you with your memory:

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  1. Absorb and Review: 5 minutes after absorbing any information, review the main points you wish to remember. Repeat this after an hour
  2. Create concept maps: When studying confusing topics, focus on the main ideas and then expand into supporting facts or ideas.
  3. Look a person in the face: When you meet them for the first time, notice their features: face shape, nose, eye color, hair style or glasses. Link those features to the person’s name. Repeat their name 3 times (mentally and aloud within the conversation).
  4. Make up rhymes or songs to remember facts.
  5. Rely on all your senses: To recall things, picture the information, speak it, hear it…remember it.
  6. Create associations: The more ridiculous and absurd and exaggerated the association is, the easier it will be to remember.
  7. Speech Recall: Write down the main points on a prompt card. Memorise the keywords, they help to recall.
  8. Write a brief summary: After reading the speech, stand up and repeat it out loud. This helps to organise your thoughts and reinforce the material.
  9. Eat plenty of protein: It is food for your brain – help it perform at its best.
  10. Be patient: Breathe. Give your memory a chance. Tension affects your ability to recall.


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