Why SocialSpark becoming so popular – my review

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Socialspark_smallFor those who are into blog monetization or pro blogging read on about this new website SocialSpark, brainchild of a company named Izea, because they got my vote on a couple of important features when joining programmes like this.

Social Spark is becoming one of the most popular “paid to post” or “sponsored post” sites on the web. Bloggers can set their own price for reviews and then start earning decent amounts of money.

I signed up a couple of days ago and the whole process was very easy and efficient. The website layouts were very well thought out with an easy flow to it, so from a total newbie to a seasoned blogger would find their way around, without feeling like your lost in a link jungle.

I liked their signup forms, being large fields with intuitive prompts to assist you in completing your details. Suppose they had to create a good comfort zone with forms, because sites like these tend to become very form field intensive. Who said filling in forms need to be dull and tedious.

Overall use of colours and regions for the pages I found to be very effective in highlighting the important and more frequently used information. The whole process looked very easy to follow because they made it easy to follow.

Once I signed up, I needed to add my blog or blogs to start accepting paid reviews and posts. SocialSpark generated a unique tracking code that I then copied and pasted into my blog source code. You might need some help with this if you are not sure how to edit or access your blog templates.

I’m using a blog theme that allows for easy adding of codes and scripts to the header or footer part of my blog, so I got my blog verified within seconds – no waiting.

Feeling my way around the SocialSpark site I found a breeze because they divided the site into four main sections being marketplace, community, account and help. Compared to other sites in the same market they got major points from me for just keeping it clear and simple with very nice looking but intuitive menu dropdowns.

Overall I’m very impressed with the signup experience, code of ethics and general website look and feel.

I am excited about this new opportunity and already busy looking at my first reviews in the marketplace. If you’re looking for a happier place to start earning from your blog, then Sign up for SocialSpark and join the blogolution!

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